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project manager - facilitator - IT-trainer

Brigitte Lüdecke: IT-Trainer

We are living in times of extreme technical turnovers. The World Wide Web offers us new strategies in marketing, email might be your favorite media to communicate to business partners and we rarely look into the yellow pages or go to a library any more, because there is so much content available in the internet, accessible with very few mouse-clicks via google®. Even though these techniques seem to be handy, simple and cheap, it takes a lot of effort, to use them effectively.

If you feel being overridden by the information highway, I would like to offer my assistance. You may request

  • training on the effective use of an application software,
  • consulting and coaching on how to track and store information effectively in your business that is relevant to your success,
  • a workshop on communication, networking and marketing via internet for your team.
Presently (July 2011) I have quite some customers requesting update-training in the context of working with Windows 7 and Office 2010 and once I have people in some kind of a classroom I always know a lot of tricks and details useful and handy for their daily IT-life. My customers do not read IT-books and do not interact with office-experts on new features, I do.

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