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project manager - facilitator - IT-trainer

Brigitte Lüdecke: Projects

1998- 2005

Project manager of Mediacoaching, Network of self-employed women. A virtual community with more than 400 members all over Germany (and some Germans abroad).
2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 Project manager of MadeBySoldinerKiez: Four different projects with public funding (by Socially integrative City) to enhance entrepreneurship and networking in Soldiner Kiez, an area with need for development and potential for development in central Berlin.
2009, 2010, 2011 Facilitator and moderator for creative industries and other sectors of local development in Berlin-Wedding
2010 Project manager (in cooperation with Eberhard Elfert) of an Arts- and Christmas-market at Leopoldplatz, a networking-project with public funding (Aktive Stadtzentren), fostering synergies among local artists, local gastronomy and social economy.
2011 Project manager (in cooperation with Eberhard Elfert) for a music festival (Fete de la Musique) at Leopoldplatz, a cultural event with public funding (Aktive Stadtzentren) in context of an image campaign, activating neighborhood activities and supporting change.
2010 Project manager (in cooperation with Soldiner Kiez e. V.) for a European Workshop in Entrepreneurship. Proposal, management, public relations and evaluation of a 5-day-workshop on Entrepreneurs developing personal strategies in times of globalization for 15 people from eight nations funded by Grundtvig.
2011 Project manager (in cooperation with puk a malta gGmbH) for a European youth exchange. RAP yourself to Europe was funded by Youth in Action, a project for young people from Portugal, Romania, Turkey and Germany producing a RAP-video on European identity. See the RAP-video or the whole documentation online.
2011- 2013 Partner (in cooperation with puk a malta gGmbH) in a European project on vocational education. 10 Partners from 8 countries will exchange their experiences and design modules of best-practice in training young people. “Design your future” is a partnership project funded by Leonardo da Vinci.  

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